In respect of OR&A, Assurance is about reassuring the stakeholders of a project that it is capable of achieving ‘Ready to Operate’ status at the point of handover from the Project team.

Assurance also addresses the concerns of the Operator (Owner, Client etc.) who is responsible for the safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible long term operation of the completed asset after handover.

The OR&A Process deployed by OR&A Ltd. is aligned with the development of the asset from the earliest stages of the project to ensure that the design addresses the operability, maintainability, availability and reliability concerns whilst the design is still on the 'drawing board'.

Influence Graph

What this means in practice is that the requirements of the Operations Team can be considered, evaluated and implemented in the very early stages, before the purchase of long lead or major equipment items and whilst there is still the opportunity to influence the design to address operational issues without incurring additional costs due to late changes.

Many of the decisions made at this stage, whilst reducing or limiting Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) can have a detrimental effect on Operational Expenditure (OPEX) which, over the fullness of time, can be significantly greater than any savings made.

It should be remembered that the target of the Project Team is to deliver and asset on-time at the lowest cost, whereas the Operations Team must run and maintain the facility for the life of the field, to recoup the project costs and subsequently make a profit.

Providing Assurance

In the early days of OR&A, the process was often described as a 'Glorified Checklist' and in truth this is what it was. At that time, the technology was not available to support the intent of the process, beyond a basic spreadsheet.

A checklist, by definition, is used to confirm that the required actions have been carried out and the required deliverables have been provided to an acceptable level and therefore provide assurance that everything has been done to ensure a successful outcome for a venture.

OR&A Dashboard

The dashboard displays and functionality of the OR&A Solution demonstrate the deployment of the OR&A process in real-time and are available to all users simultaneously, regardless of their geographical location.

Assurance is a measurable quantity, but to provide a meaningful output that measurement must be robust, auditable and understandable. Quite how this is achieved is explained on the following pages ...

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