Assurance (continued)

Robust Assurance is based on measurement of key parameters, However, before anything can be measured, a standard needs to be determined by which the measurements can be made.

This takes us back to the original basic OR&A checklist. Initially that checklist was limited by the ability of users to track, monitor, measure and report on the checklist content. There were also other challenges such as:

  • How do you ensure that every user measures the same things on every project, to ensure a standardised output?

  • How do you present the vast amount of information required to measure the progress of OR&A on a project?

  • How do you share and communicate the work required and the outcomes measured?

  • How can you record comments, information and identify supporting documents?

  • How can you monitor, approve and control deviations from the process?

  • How can you arrive at a single value to communicate the current 'Assurance Level' of a project?

The latest version of the OR&A Solution has resolved all of these issues and addresses around 4,500 line items spread across 6 project phases and  28 subjects.

The hierarch employed by the OR&A Solution enables the status of every task in a project to be displayed on a single chart. Affectionately named the OR&A 'Wave Chart', it is also interactive such that clicking on a relevant portion of the chart will take the user to the specific task related to that portion of the chart.

Similarly, clicking on a specific status level on the Wave Chart Legend, lists all of the tasks which currently have that status (each hyperlinked to the specific task page).

This enables any user to see 'at a glance' the current status of OR&A in the specific project.

OR&A Wave Chart

When using a spreadsheet to manage the process the early days of OR&A, the best that such a 'Glorified Checklist' was able to produce was a spreadsheet with coloured fields and values. At around 4,000+ entries, the current system would be impossible to manage in this way. Additionally, recording comments and controlling deviations was not feasible using a spreadsheet alone.

OR&A Wave Chart

Although the OR&A Solution will still generate a spreadsheet, it can also generate a range of pre-defined, detailed reports at the touch of a button to simplify the management and monitoring of the OR&A process.

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