Flawless Project Initiatives (FPI)

Flaws, Issues & Risks Synthesis Tool (FIRST)

The OR&A Solution incorporates an integrated system, hosted on the same secure, private managed cloud servers, for deploying the Flawless Project Initiatives (FPI) process. The adjacent flowchart illustrates how FPI is deployed in a Project.

Until the launch of FIRST, conducting out a Flawless Workshop and deploying any form of Flawless initiatives (or any other Flawless activity) with any robustness, required the personnel involved to follow a rigorous and sometimes onerous document based process.

The Flaws, Issues & Risks Synthesis Tool (FIRST) system removes this drudgery and manages the entire process automatically, thereby automatically applying the required robustness and rigidity.

The interactive screens and dashboard displays in FIRST enable the user to navigate easily through the system and to record, monitor and manage Flaws in a consistent and robust manner. The system generates the necessary reports and output required to keep the Project Team informed.

Flawless & Lessons Learned

The start point for the Flawless process in a Project is a 'Flawless Workshop' where the areas of highest concern are identified. Because these flaws are often the source of Lessons Learned identified on previous projects, it makes sense to combine the Flawless Workshop and the Lessons Learned Workshop into a single event.

The Lessons Learned Management System, which is also an integrated part of the OR&A Solution, makes the identification of previous Flaws and Lessons Learned a simple task, searching, sorting and retrieving appropriate peer advice from over 3,000 validated lessons.

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