Lessons Learned Management

A large number of Potential Lessons may well be identified on any given project, but when these are reviewed, developed, detailed, analysed, categorised and evaluated, a much smaller number of true Lessons Learned will be created.

Although categorising and quantifying the 'potential' lessons and arriving at some form of mitigating action that could be applied to prevent its occurrence is onerous, for a lesson to be effective, the loop must be closed by identifying the point at which the mitigating action needs to be implemented.

Ideally, Lessons Learned produced from every project should be included in a robust management system which enables administration, storage and retrieval of those lessons on demand. However, because every Lesson Learned will not be applicable to every project, some method of context-sensitive sorting, evaluation and selection methodology or system is also required.

Implementation has always been the weakest link in the concept of Lessons Learned and has always been restricted by the lack of a true Lessons Learned System. The OR&A Lessons Learned System overcomes all of these issues as it is a true 'Closed Loop' system.

It is not difficult to accept that without this functionality, thousands of such lessons have been lost from hundreds of projects over the last 30 years, causing many of the same mistakes to be repeated many times.

This need not be the case as this system is available to every company (whether or not they choose to contribute further Lessons to the system).

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