Operations Readiness


Operations Readiness is the process of preparing the custodians of an asset under construction (and the supporting organisation) such that, at the point of delivery and handover, the Asset Organisation is fully prepared to assume ownership of the asset, accepts responsibility for, (and is capable of), performing the safe and efficient operation of that asset in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Deploying Operations Readiness in a Project means addressing three key areas, as illustrated below:


In respect of OR&A, Assurance is about reassuring the stakeholders of a project that it is capable of achieving ‘Ready to Operate’ status at the point of handover from the Project team.

The target outcomes of the process are therefore the continuous 'real-time' indication of progress towards, and the achievement of, that ‘Ready to Operate’ status.


The OR&A Process

OR&A is a continuous process that is implemented from the earliest point in a project, ending after a successful handover to the asset custodian is achieved.

The OR&A process is implemented through a number or 'phases' and milestones (the same as those used by the Project). The OR&A Plan is then aligned with the Integrated Project Plan (IPP) to ensure the right information is available at the right time to produce the required deliverables.

Involvement of the operations team as early as possible in the project ensures that critical decisions can be validated during the project concept, incorporating Lessons Learned and Best Practice examples from earlier projects and avoiding many of the mistakes often made in the pre-feed and early design phases when practical operational experience is often overlooked.

OR&A requires a robust process to be adopted and deployed by the Asset Owner to monitor and control the development of the Asset Organisation and all the necessary component parts, to ensure Readiness to Operate is achieved prior to handover of ownership to the Asset Organisation.

The robust process developed by OR&A Ltd. is called the 'OR&A Solution'.

The OR&A Solution connects the Project Team activities to the real-life concerns of the Operations Team to ensure the operability, maintainability and availability of the asset enables them to generate the necessary production revenue and make the asset economically viable.



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