e-Learning System

The OR&A Solution e-Learning system is the only place where OR&A Practitioners can study for and attain formal qualifications in OR&A. The OR&A e-Learning system is currently undergoing the process of achieving accreditation from City & Guilds of London.

The OR&A e-Learning system is a comprehensive program that takes the OR&A Practitioner through the entire process of implementing OR&A on a project, from understanding the basic concept to performing reviews and auditing and even analysing the outcomes.

This is achieved by a multi-level Lesson Plan driven system with revision quizzes after each lesson section to reinforce the learning experience and learn about the multiple choice answering system employed in both the lessons and exam.

In the revision quizzes, there is no time limit and the user is given feedback on incorrect responses and is prevented from progressing to the next section, lesson or exam until the current one is completed correctly.

In the exam, the questions must be answered within a limited time period and no feedback is provided in respect of incorrect answers.

At the end of the exam, the result is reported and automatically recorded in the 'My Account' page of the user.

On this page, the current attainment level, points attained, exam record and user history/contributions can be reviewed. Certificates for exams passed can also be printed out.

This page is only accessible to the user, it is not a public record, nor is it accessible to the client company.

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