Review & Audit Process

This is visible to all audit/review team members and allows the user to navigate through the structure of the Audit/Review Tool, using the expanding menu system common to the OR&A Solution, to select the required Phase, Group, Subject and Audit Question as shown in the adjacent illustration.

Typically in PSUA 'mode' the system includes some 2,500 questions and in OR&A Review 'mode', approximately 1,500. More focussed or pertinent questions can also be added during the actual audit or review to sharpen the focus on a particular issue.

Audit/Review Status Widget
The Audit / Review status widget illustrated here appears on every screen of the tool (visible only to the Audit Review Leader) and indicates the current status of findings entered and what effect this has on the outcome of the Audit/Review.

  • GOOD

  • FAIR



This determination is made using a standard findings matrix.



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