To contact OR&A Ltd:

Whether you are interested in learning more about OR&A or the systems and services created and maintained by the Operations Readiness & Assurance (OR&A) group, first contact can be made using any of the methods below.

Any of these numbers will connect you to a member of the OR&A Team who will be happy to answer your questions and assist you further.


+44 1642 641446   (UK Office)

+1 660 230 4000   (USA)

+91 98112 60084   (Regional Agent - India, Middle East & Indonesia / Malaysia )


ORA David - (Skype-In Number: +44 191 6451917)

e-mail:   (Regional agent: India, Middle East & Indonesia / Malaysia)

OR&A Systems and Services

The OR&A Solution and the supporting tools are developed, produced, operated and wholly owned by OR&A Ltd.

The acronym OR&A and the OR&A Logo used throughout the website, the OR&A Solution and OR&A documentation are copyrighted and registered trade marks of Operations Readiness & Assurance (OR&A) Ltd. and are the Intellectual Property of OR&A Ltd.

OR&A Ltd. has extensive experience of providing the following OR&A related services to the Oil, Gas and Energy industries:

  • OR&A Solution, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection;

  • Implementation of OR&A on Projects;

  • OR&A Training and Mentoring of Client OR&A personnel;

  • Evaluation of client OR&A Systems;

  • OR&A Review Tool;

  • OR&A Reviews and Audits using qualified and experienced auditors;

  • Pre-Start-Up Audit Tool;

  • Pre-Start-Up Audits (PSUA) using qualified and experienced auditors;

  • Collection of Potential Lessons Learned;

  • Development, assimilation and deployment of Lessons Learned and Peer Advice for
    current & future projects;

  • Development of accurate OPEX estimates at each stage of the project and during the OPERATE phase (ORACET - ORA Cost Estimation Tool)

  • Senior, Highly Experienced and Qualified OR&A Personnel,
    (available only in conjunction with OR&A Solution software subscription).

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